creative class Indigenous people called the Adena lived along the winding creeks and cedar-covered hills of Grassy Run Farm & Trails during the Early Woodland period, beginning about 700 BC. Recognized for their innovative pottery, visionary works and extensive trading network, Adena artists created motifs such as the Weeping Eye and the Cross & Circle patterns, which became important design mainstays in numerous American Indian cultures. Much of their art seemed to revolve around the transformation of humans into animals—particularly birds, wolves, bears and deer—and then back to human form. field & stream One hundred eighteen acres of pastoral landscapes and wide expanses of cropland—rich with mineral deposits from the meandering waterways of two Kentucky River tributaries—connect to more than six miles of walkways running through the rolling hills, valleys, creeks and greenways at Grassy Run Farm & Trails. Whitetail Deer, Wild Turkeys, Great Blue Herons, Red Foxes, Barred Owls and River Otters all play roles in the exuberant ecosystem on the wildlife preserve at the convergence of Grassy Run and Eagle creeks. buffalo trace First came the shaggy-haired bison—trailblazing a clear passage to the reliable source of fresh water that Grassy Run and Eagle creeks provided for them. More than a century later, well-heeled travelers knowingly benefitted from the same, well-worn pathway. Grassy Run Farm & Trails is located on the landmark, Williamstown and Owen Line toll road—the route that followed the ups and downs of the buffalos' scenic roamings and allowed passengers the comfort of riding by horse-drawn stagecoach on their 40-mile journey to Frankfort, Kentucky's state capital. water works Cash crops from the fertile fields aren't the only thing that Grassy Run Farm & Trails helps to produce. The firm foundation of limestone rock that enriches the soil also filters the natural springs and waterways that flow through and from the property, providing a pure, iron-free ingredient for the state's signature industry—Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Thanks to five famous Bourbon distilleries being within an hour drive, and 95% of the world's Bourbon produced nearby, it's easy to cultivate a taste for the distinct, mellow flavor derivative of the farm. gold standard While Kentucky is known as home to the largest amount of bullion in one location on the planet, as well as being the horse capital of the world, Fort Knox and thoroughbreds aren't the state's only top-drawer distinctions. Commemorative designs—for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Oscar® ceremony, in addition to those for founder Steven Spielberg's USC Shoah Foundation—have originated from Grassy Run Farm & Trails for over a decade. Farm-fresh, communication arts assets include honorary works recognizing Lauren Bacall, George Clooney, Mellody Hobson & George Lucas, Rita Wilson & Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey, among others. machine age Grassy Run Farm & Trails' design-centric domicile takes creative license out for a drive—integrating a 1967 fin-tail Mercedes-Benz with a meticulously curated collection of decommissioned, Streamline Moderne architectural finds from Shillito's flagship department store. The game-changing farmhouse is as much uptown art gallery and sustainability showcase as it is a one-of-a-kind sanctuary—the type of nesting that redefines what it means to be rural. Surrounded by a meadow, the heritage-inspired live/work loft is situated for stunning views, and couples perfectly with a white oak burley barn reimagined as a play/produce outpost.